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Blogger Vs WordPress : Which is Best In 2020

If you came to this post after searching blogger vs WordPress, then you have come to the right place because in this post you will get a chance to understand one point that Blogger will be the best for you or WordPress will be the best to make a blog.

People are coming to earn money online and are also learning to use the internet properly, but when it comes to earning money online, blogging is the best option for the lowest investment, but when thinking about making a blog, then there are many blogging platform names like blogger, WordPress or Tumblr, etc. Whom would you choose in such a situation?

Blogger vs WordPress

You have the option of a lot of platforms from where you can start your blog, but if you talk about the biggest player in the world of blogging then this is both blogger and WordPress so today in this post I will tell what is the feature of both. You can choose according to what will be right for you, as well as in the last I will tell you what I think will be right according to me.

When choosing any platform, it is seen that the value of the option you choose in the future will remain and currently you will get it for free or spend money and if used for free or spending money then it will remain as an investment. How much benefit will it get in returning and it is chosen based on which you will use

Let’s talk about this blogger vs WordPress, in this, I am going to cover some points like

  • Investment
  • Security and Updates
  • Customization
  • Future scope
  • Control
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Investment for Blog: Free or Paid

blogging investment

Blogger: If you are going to do any work, then in such a situation, think that you will have to invest more with time? Meaning how much money you have to spend, then I would like to tell you that if you use the platform, then you can use it for free, meaning that you will not have to spend a rupee for hosting since belongs to google So hosting also provides Google for free.

WordPress: is free for blogger but I am talking about WordPress (CMS-content management system) of the self-hosted blog, for this, you have to buy hosting from any company then go to cPanel of its hosting and install WordPress Will be able to use WordPress again

Security and Updates

Blogger: You do not have any backend control for Blogger, meaning that you are not given the option to advance anything other than just a template because you use it for free, so you will not have to worry about security. Google itself provides security to, you are tension free, just keep writing blog posts, Google will see the rest of the work, but the only problem is that it does not come soon in 4 years or 5 years if any update comes. So, this is a lot.

WordPress: When you install WordPress after purchasing the web hosting itself, then you have the control of the entire hosting and in this case, you have to take care of its security as well, meaning if there is not much technical knowledge then attack on your website. Your blog can also be harmed, so you have to use the Xtra feature or service for the safety of your blog and if you talk about the update then it comes very fast according to the world, whatever happens in the Internet field Its update keeps on coming.

Blog Customization

Blogger: You use it for free, so you do not get any control panel option in Blogger, you can at most just customize the template and nothing more and that is the problem.

WordPress: You will be surprised to know that due to this customization feature, is used the most in the whole world, you can customize any level in it. When you install WordPress on hosting and then you can change it as you want, because the entire hosting control is with you, you can make it from simple blog to e-commerce website like amazon Flipkart. It is, as the design may be or by writing your program above, they can also be made.

I would like to tell you that the traffic on your blog increases due to this feature, the reason is that one-on-one plugins are available for SEO for free, which can be immediately installed on WordPress to rank the blog in Google, same I would say that you can do anything on WordPress.

Future scope

future of blogging

Blogger: This is from Google and gives you free, in such a way, as long as it is the will of Google, as long as it is free, there is no guarantee that you can close it and you cannot claim it later because it is free. If Google was giving it, then it will be their wish.

WordPress: Its future will always be bright because the reason is that it is open source and secondly, to use it, you have to buy web hosting and then install WordPress on it since you buy hosting, you have the right It is possible that you can keep the file till the time you are paying the money and if the hosting service does not provide the right service, then change the hosting and change all the words of the WordPress file on the other hosting. While this is not the case in Blogger.


Blogger: You do not have any control on Blogger, you can only edit the template, you cannot even upload media files of different types like I keep uploading different types of image files on my blog, I would like So I will also upload the apk file on my blog or pdf file but this is not the case on Blogger.

WordPress: You are completely free in this that you can do whatever you want because you have all the controls, you know I have written a lot of code on my behalf also to make it very easy.


Blogger Vs WordPress, in this, I will say that WordPress is the best because even if the initial money has to be spent for 2000 rupees for a year, which is made as an investment, after that when the blog is popular then after 1 year, 40 to 50 thousand Money can be easily earned, the blogger may get free in the beginning but later have to come to WordPress so as long as there is the loss of time, then I think WordPress is the best in blogger vs WordPress.

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