Top 10 chrome extension for digital marketing

No matter how proficient is your work, No matter what your opinion you have on the actual validity of tools for digital marketing, there’s no denying that we need methods and equipment to carry out our task. Whether that’s influential analytical abilities or easy procedures that make the most productive use of your time, your tools can help you to become a promising marketer. I will list below the best google chrome extensions that can improve your marketing. There are so many browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and many more. But Google Chrome is highly advised because of its fast performance and analytics. Google chrome is widespread and You can use many extensions.

Let’s get started with extensions for Google Chrome. Extensions are easy to use tools that are especially developed to improve the working the browser which you use. They are very simple to use. You can get an extension from the Chrome Web Store for yourself. Once you get the best browser extension, you can add it to your browser. You can test an extension and see if it is apt for your browser.


It is specially developed to enable you to do correction and enhance your article. This platform employs the simple method of pasting your words or article in their editor. They give you complete detail of words which can be changed to make your article more grammatically sound. You can improve your error by using this tool. It is AI-powered which helps an individual to

Grammarly’s AI-powered applications help people speak more correctly. It is serving millions of people every single day to put together their messages, articles, content, social media posts, and much more with precision. It will make your articles unmistakable, apparent, and effective. It is very easy to download chrome extension like Grammarly. You can also get it’s browser extension app.

Grammarly’s intricate AI not rectifies your grammatical errors making your article more sensible. This will enable you to create a true belief in the reader. It has no word limits. Some additional features are the suggestions which it includes while you write something. It also suggests you synonyms to give you words to choose from and make your article more promising. It also detects plagiarism. This was amongst the best chrome extensions for students 2019   


SEMRush is a very useful tool for digital marketers. The whole platform is developed to provide you with a rapid examination of the search traffic of your site and execution on Google. You get a plethora of beneficial data like backlink, keywords, Paid search, and much more. SEMrush has a fair across-the-board keyword research tool. It keeps on delivering valuable data that marketers leverage to teach their search engine marketing techniques.

It further goes ahead to analyze your operation and maintain a check on your competitor. It tried to helps to generate data observing their traffic trends, campaign achievement. It also analyses the ads which they are operating and the keywords used to enhance the ranking. But the entire operation is not restricted to just keyword. Keyword research is barely one of the fractions of the entire aspect. SEMrush also directs a backlink profile estimation. site audit tools, performance analysis, and position tracking are some other significant traits.

SEMrush has much more to offer Keyword research, site audits,  competitor analysis, position tracking, and much more is proposed by SEMrush along with a backlink profile assessment. It has innumerable conceivable assets to offer when contemplated an SEO platform. SEMrush has a decent across-the-board keyword research tool along with Traffic Analysis equipment All these qualities on a single outlet have stimulated SEMrush to tempt substantial enthusiasts over a decade. It now caters to about 2 million clients on more than 140 databases worldwide.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator –

Finding a Linkedln sales navigator is a means to broaden the potency of LinkedIn. It gives you a piece of thorough information about Gmail contacts. It doesn’t look much fascinating but definitely makes your work easier. You do not need to go back to the inbox and filter the thousands of emails. It also connects you to mutual groups. This data can assist you to cater to your article to your mark and intensify your possibilities of initiating a beneficial discussion. It links you to social media. You need to dig into Linkedln Sales Navigator as you will be able to target your messages correctly and facilitate engagement. You will turn into a bigger marketer and a powerful possession to your company.

BuzzSumo –

It is one of those tools which is known by nearly every marketer. It gives an in-depth analysis of how each part of your work will perform in a particular industry. The extension will help you in doing these things easily. You can get data on any page that you visit.

You will also get Shares, backlinks, and other social media engagement details. BuzzSumo will give you a piece of all-round edge information.

Boomerang –

Boomerang is an important extension that enables you to regulate the progression of your emails. It enables you to organize your emails timely so that the audience can respond in your favour and as per your plan. You can schedule it as per your needs.

With Boomerang, you just need to have the email written beforehand. You do not need to worry about waking up early to compile all the mails at doing the tedious work.

HashSet –

sometimes Hashtags are necessary. On social sites like Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are used to see posts that might interest you.Being the best chrome extensions for developers, HashSet tests the quality of the hashtags which you use. You must ne be wondering that Why are hashtags so important? Hashtags are crucial to bringing about surety that your content catches up with the target users. utilizing hashtags on Twitter can boost the engagement of the users with your subject by more than 35%. The nicest hashtags are the ones that are very famous and have the probability of increasing your visibility. This is essential because very popular hashtags might lead to your content getting lost in the cascade and the very obscure hashtag has no point of being used.

Oktopost –

For all the social media freaks, Oktopost is the game-changer for you! It particularly concentrates on social media management. Big business accounts use oktopost to save their time and remain ahead. With this extension, you can share posts and some articles directly from the browser. The outcome is that you have a custom-made method for management actions and maintaining your social media posts to the point.

You can get a preview of your post before sharing it for real. After this, you only need to add your caption and finally post it. Such simple is the process! You don’t need to hassle between clicking through tabs and adding the final post.

LinkClump –

Do your research on topics on a daily basis? Too much research leads to too many open tabs. These pen tabs can be a blessing as well as create confusion at times. Here comes the work of LinkClump. LinkClump makes things easy. It rapidly shows an ample number of links when you are about to do extensive research on something. This will ensure that you waste less time jumping between pages and focus on reading more and more content.

It is not a sophisticated tool at all. You simply need to follow a few steps to use this extension. Install it, press z, and drag. This will highlight the selected pages. After releasing the misuse button, the pages will open back to back in a sequence. This will save your time which you can utilize in reading more.

Liner :

Research is a basic step that can help you make outstanding content. Researching a topic gives a piece of detailed information about it from all aspects. If you employ your time in researching your content, it can be easy for you to get relevant ideas. Liner, as the name suggests helps you highlight from web pages when you are doing research in some keyword. As a result, you will not get lost in the chaos and easily switch between content. You only need to press the “~” button. After pressing this button, go to town. Hence, it will be easier for you to maintain a visual reminder of the parts of blogs that were worthy of being noticed.

Save to Pocket

There are times when you have a really worthy post of article but it isn’t the correct time to share it with your friends and audience. In this case, Save to Pocket extension in a boon. You can save important articles and other posts and use them later. Social media managers must use this browser extension to ease their task.

You are free to save any page you wish. You further need not employ extra time to organize it. Save to Pocket does everything for you. It saves the posts by category. You will not get lost in the plethora of links that you have saved because of the organized category. This also makes it a good search tool as you can get the file by using a few keywords.


I hope that by now you must have understood the importance of best chrome extensions as it makes your work much easier and well-organized.  Google chrome is a relatively convenient means to search the Internet and gain information from it.

From organizing an email to saving your file, finding backlinks, keyword, SEO, etc, the above-mentioned extensions have everything in the bag to help the digital marketers. I have mentioned the top ten Top 10 chrome extension for digital marketing but there are many more in the market with promising services. It is easy to manage chrome extensions.

Your blog or service is your canvas and these extensions are like your brush. The more you use them, the more smoothly your blog will function.

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