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Top 10 Niches for Blogging In India In – [2020]

Top 10 Niches For Blogging in India in 2020: Hello Friends, Today’s post is very important for people who are going to start Blogging and Confuse which Blog Niche to choose, then we will give you Top 10 Niches For Blogging in India in 2020, you will be able to succeed very quickly if you choose and work smartly on it.
Do you know that you will be successful in Blogging only when you target a good Blog Niche. Whenever you think of starting a new blog, it is very important to have the right Blog Idea, if you do not choose the right Blog Niche, then it may be a bit difficult for you to be successful in Blogging. Let’s look at some of the key points.

The main reason for failure in blogging.

Do you know why 7 out of 10 bloggers are not successful in blogging and what is the reason behind it? The biggest reason behind this is that the right blog Niche is not selected. Most bloggers fail because they do not know which topic, they can deliver content on very well and for a long time.
Niche is a topic on which you write a blog. The new bloggers are earning that much money for any other famous bloggers, why don’t we also start blogging on the same Niche every month, as it happens, friends, first of all, see which topic is best for you, you can give your best type Now you have to do Keyword Research, so that you will get complete information about that topic, after that you think of starting a blog on it.

top 10 blog niches

How to choose the right Blog Niche?

If you want to be successful in blogging, then you only have to choose the Niche on which people search more and more on the Internet and that Niche is more in Demand.
You can use Google Keyword Planner to find this thing, by this you can find out how much people search on any Niche and how much its competition is, always work only on the low competition keyword do.
If you choose a keyword with a high competition, you will never be able to rank why you know, because all the big bloggers are already ranking their blog on the keyword with high competition, then you always remember this thing in your mind That is, you only have to choose Blog Niche whose competition is low and Search Volume is more.
This is the best way to choose the right Blog Niche or Blog Ideas to start blogging. So, now let us know which are the top 10 Niches for Blogging in India, on which if you work in 2020 and work hard then you will get success.

Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India In – [2020]

Here I have told you about ten such Blog Niche, on which if you start your blog, then you will be able to rank your Blogging Career easily and make a Passive Income, so without wasting time Lets Start? Ten Blog Niches or Blog Ideas.

1:Sports: Cricket, IPL

You will be surprised to know that the number of Sports Bloggers is very less in today’s time and it is not necessary to tell you how much cricket is liked in India.
So, if you make your blog in sports, especially on cricket and IPL, then you will be able to make very good money.

2: Health & Fitness:

If you want career in blogging and have a Passive Income, then choose Health & Fitness, but yes you should know about it.
If you know how much money people are willing to spend for their health, then just think if you give information related to Health & Fitness on your blog, and if the post of Health & Fitness will reduce other benefits then Suppose you can earn lakhs of rupees from it every month.
There is still a lot of work on Health & Fitness in India, Bloggers, yes there are Bloggers but Out of India.
If you have information related to Health & Fitness, then definitely start your blog on it and Google AdSense gives very good money for Health & Fitness blog.

3: Jobs

Blogging on my eyes Jobs & Career is the best because you can easily write a post on it, then you know how much trouble it is for Jobs in today’s time, especially in India, if you have your blog on Jobs & Career Provide information related to Career such as Online Part Time Jobs, Part Time Jobs College Students, then your blog will get a lot of traffic.
In today’s time, people are very excited for Jobs, as if you are seeing, after reading, people are not getting jobs, then you can tell them through your blog that about different types of jobs. Be it Part-Time Jobs or Full Time.
If you want to know how much search is done on the internet about Jobs & Career, then you can use Google Keyword Planner and you can find out how many searches in India about Jobs & Career.
So, if I ask you to make your blog about Jobs & Career.


Technology is the most popular Blog Niche in the blogging world. Competition in technology is very much, but still, you can start blog on it, if you are an Engineering Graduate and you like Technology then you can start your blog on Technology like Computer, Internet, Mobile and Tips & Tricks related blog posts.
Blogging in technology may take you some time, but there is one thing in it you have a very good income. So, I believe that if you like technology then you can start your blog on technology.


Dating can be a very good Blog Niche or Blogging Topic, but you can set up your blog, you do not have to make a wedding website or blog, you only have to make a dating blog which will rank very high if you are dating When publishing a blog post.
In today’s time, all the young people in India come to the Internet to find Dating & Relationship Tips, so you can take advantage of it. You help them through your blog.

6:Banking & Finance

In today’s time, very few bloggers are working in Banking & Finance in India. If you have any information related to Banking & Finance, then you can start your blog on Banking & Finance, but for this, you first have to explore a bit of Banking & finance topics.
If you know the field of Banking & Finance, then you can start your blog on Banking & Finance Niche.


Lifestyle is a very big blogging idea but inside it, you will find many Sub Topics on which you start your blog and tell you the names of some Sub-Niches on which you can work Gardening, Home Decor, Interiors, Furniture, and kitchen, etc.
These sub-niche of some Lifestyle on which you work if you will rank. If you know Lifestyle, then you can work on it very comfortably and in some time, you will be able to earn well from blogging.


Travel is the best blog that people love to travel and they are always traveling somewhere. If you are interested in Travel, then you should start a travel blog of your own and you should tell people about your Travel Experience on it.
Tell your readers in full details about the place where you go to travel. If you believe once you become Stable in Travel Blog, then you can earn from 3000 $ to 5000 $ Monthly Yes, but for this, you will have to work hard.


This is a topic that is never going to expire. Food is a thing that attracts everyone on your side, so if you are good, then you create your food blog and share the experience with the logo on it.
You can find out about its search on Google Keyword Planner, how often food is searched in a month, and how much is its competition.
But I would like to tell you one thing that if your interest is in food then only you come in this field if you think You can take it for a long time if You have knowledge related to food.
So, you must come to this field.

10: Beauty & Fashion

Beauty & Fashion Blog Niche is a very trending topic to start a blog. People are always excited to know what to wear, besides makeup and many beauty & fashion related things that people are excited to know.
Therefore, Blogging is a means by which people can be told about it. If you start your blog on Beauty & Fashion and use Attractive Images, then it is guaranteed that you will be able to gain a lot of traffic from your blog.
So, if you have information related to Beauty & Fashion, then you can make your blogging career in Beauty & Fashion.


I hope you understand this post well. I covered the Top 10 Niches for Blogging in India in this post and I hope that you will work on Blog Niche mentioned in this post and will be able to earn the best money. Apart from this, you will get a lot of Blogging Niches, but these few blogging niches like these, if you work hard, you will be able to earn a lot of money from blogging in a very short time. If you liked this post, do not forget to comment and yes do not forget to share it with those people who are confused about which Blog Topic to make your blog and get a good income.

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