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Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle & Bundle ProMaster The 8 Essential Skills of Digital Marketing AndBecome The Digital Marketing Expert Businesses Want To Hire

Do you want to become the top 1% digital marketers and get paid in gold but struggling with jobs that pay peanuts?

You started your career with big dreams and aspirations.

You thought you’ll earn 6 figures easily.

But then all of it got shattered.

You are earning in pennies.

You are struggling to meet the ends.

Well, you are not alone.

Many struggles like you and some even wonder whether digital marketing has lost its shine.

No. Digital marketing hasn’t lost its shine.

It has become more critical for businesses to grow than ever before.

Businesses are in dire need of digital marketers who have the right skills.

They are struggling to find the right people…

Then you might wonder…

If businesses need the right people, then why they didn’t hire you?

You may have the skills.

You probably are an SEO expert. 

or a Social Media Marketer 

or a Google Ads specialist

or a Facebook Ads specialist 

And that’s the problem.

Because specialists are for big companies with huge marketing departments.

Startups, product companies, and small & medium businesses need a different breed of digital marketers

Digital marketers who are specialist in a topic or two

But who also knows a wide range of digital marketing concepts.

They don’t want someone

  • Who only knows how to optimize the website for search engines 
  • Or who can run ad campaigns on search + display select networks
  • Or who can run ad campaigns on Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Or who can make 5 posts a day, sharing quotes & links

They want someone

  • Who can also optimize the website for users and conversions
  • Who can also run a 360-degree digital campaign reaching the audience at all their touchpoint
  • Who can also run an Awareness-Engagement-Conversion matrix campaign or evergreen Facebook ads campaign to maximize their conversions and ROI 
  • Who can write great social media posts that get more engagement, comments, and shares or use social media to reach out to their customers & audiences to understand their pains and problems
  • Who doesn’t stop with setting up email campaigns but also works on email deliverability, inbox placement, and get more opens & clicks
  • And so on

Because digital marketing has changed

Today, it’s entirely different.

It doesn’t work in SILOs.

Businesses cannot survive with SEO or Adwords or Facebook Ads or Social Media or Email Marketing….

They need…

  • Blogging and content marketing to rank for the long tail keywords
  • Adwords to grab the keywords with intent and identify the keywords content match
  • Social Media to connect with their customers and audience
  • Facebook Ads to expand their message and audience reach
  • Email Marketing to build a relationship with their audience and nurture the leads

Because they cannot just focus on one channel and hope for the best

They need to focus on the right marketing mix that can deliver traffic, conversions, and profit.

And they are in dire need of the digital marketers who can do it….

Moreover, those days are gone…

When it was enough to learn a few tactics to master something and survive 

Whether it is SEO or Paid Ads or Social Media

It has all changed…

Now to be a decent SEO expert

Knowing default on-page and off-page optimization alone is not enough…

You need more than that.

You need to know

  • How to use blogging to capture the long tail traffic [believe me…long tail is the future, and you wouldn’t want to miss it]
  • How to leverage social media to grow the reputation and build trust so that you can convert organic traffic better [better the reputation..better rankings and better conversions]
  • How to use content marketing to become an authority, stay top on the mind of the audience, and gain more backlinks [without quality content, you won’t get quality backlinks]
  • How to apply UX best practices to increase the conversions [if your website is not mobile ready, your SEO rankings will take a hit]
  • And so on…

It’s not just for SEO. It applies to everything in digital marketing.

Being an SEO expert is no longer enough.

You need to understand. And know how to use the different components of digital marketing to your advantage.

That’s how you can grow.

That’s why you are struggling.

Because digital marketing has come a long way in the last few years

It has evolved a lot.

And it’s time for you to do the same.

You cannot remain as someone who depends on new tactics now and then to survive

Because it won’t work…

You can’t survive

To avoid that…

You need to become irreplaceable.

You need to become T Shaped Digital Marketer.

And to help you become one…

We offer you the best ever

Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle

The bundle that’ll help you learn the skills that’ll make you better prepared for everything businesses are expecting from you

The bundle that’ll make more valuable and irreplaceable.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the skills you’ll be mastering through this bundle offer.

Course 1: SEO MASTERY [WORTH rs-1999]

In this in-depth course, you’ll learn

  • How to master Google search console to improve your SEO game
  • How to do on page optimization and off page optimization
  • How to build high-quality backlinks with guest posting
  • How to use Moz tools and SEMRush for SEO analysis
  • How to use Ahrefs to get new content ideas
  • How branding helps in SEO
  • How to perform Local SEO and use Google My Business
  • How to scale search traffic with long tail keywords [this is the future]
  • How to conduct an SEO audit
  • How to build backlinks
  • How to find blogs for building backlinks
  • Content writing for SEO
  • And much more…

Course 2: Google Ads Mastery [worth ₹1999]

In this comprehensive program, you’ll learn

  • How to set up your first Google Ads campaign 
  • How to use landing pages and conversion tracking
  • How to do keyword research
  • The different Google Ads keyword types and how to use them
  • How to use location targeting, ad scheduling, and device targeting
  • The various ad extensions – their advantages and uses
  • How to use the search term report and negative keywords
  • And much more…

We’ve also added 2 new case studies that show you how we set up search ads for a real estate promotion and a campaign review for a real estate client.

Course 3: Facebook Ads Mastery [worth ₹2999]

In this no-frills course, you’ll learn

  • The different types of Facebook audiences
  • How to setup Facebook pixel
  • How to setup custom conversions on Facebook
  • A complete tour of Ads manager and power editor
  • How to use Facebook lead ads
  • How to run events and event response ads
  • And much more…

Course 4: Email Marketing Mastery [worth ₹3999]

In this practical course, you’ll learn

  • How to build your email list
  • How to collect leads via landing pages
  • How to integrate leads to any email tool
  • How to track subscriber activity in your CRM
  • How to integrate payment gateway with email tool
  • How to create Facebook Ads for lead generation
  • How to create email workflows with decision trees
  • How to send emails using Amazon SES
  • And much more…

Course 5: Social Media Mastery [worth ₹2999]

In this detailed course, you’ll learn

  • How to provide customer service on social media
  • Facebook marketing best practices – do’s and don’ts
  • How to choose the right social media platform for your business
  • How to perform social media competitor analysis
  • How to grow and maintain a Facebook group
  • 10 social media metrics you must measure
  • 9 must have social media tools
  • And much more…

Course 6: Analytics Mastery [worth ₹1999]

In this must-learn program, you’ll learn

  • How to track, and measure all your paid and organic channels effectively.
  • How to create custom dashboards and reports
  • How to create and leverage different types of reports such as Lifetime Value reports, CoHort reports, and Frequency, Recency & Engagement reports
  • And much more.

Course 7: Affiliate Marketing Mastery [worth ₹1999]

This program is focused on helping you to make passive income using the digital marketing skills you’ve acquired.

In this course, you’ll learn

  • How to set your first niche website – walkthroughs, checklists, and tutorials
  • How to get approved by any affiliate network
  • How to find profitable affiliate products – digital and physical
  • The rapid-fire content creation strategies
  • Affiliate marketing tools to become super affiliates
  • How to build high converting squeeze pages and capture email ids
  • Powerful email marketing strategies to double your commissions
  • How to promote affiliate products using Adwords
  • And more

And you also get 2 BRAND NEW courses

Course 8: Content Marketing Mastery [worth ₹1999]

This a brand new course is from the ace content marketing expert and my co-founder Sanjay Shenoy.

This course is focused on solving the 3 major problems that are stopping people from becoming a content marketer or content writer – what to create, how to create, and how to promote.

In this action-focused course, you’ll learn

  • How to come up with content ideas that work and produce results
  • How to research & structure your content without spending days or weeks or sleepless nights
  • How not to sound like a Non-native English writer and write crispier, tighter sentences using simple words
  • How to promote the content and receive tons and tons of traffic to your web properties
  • And more

Course 9: Zapier Mastery Program [worth ₹1999]

This is a brand new program that is yet to be launched to the public. What you learn in this program can save you or your company hundreds of dollars in expense because it teaches you how to get things done using Zapier instead of using paid services.

In this practical application course, you’ll learn

  • How to send data from landing pages to Google Sheets 
  • How to capture data from payment gateways and use filters
  • How to send SMS alerts to your audiences using webhooks 
  • How to create an affiliate program with Zapier
  • And more.

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Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle Pro

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You can also get

100 Day Blogging Course [worth ₹4999]

In this “one of its kind” program, you can learn everything about blogging, from setting up your first ever WordPress blog to using your blog to build your brand, build your email list, improve your search rankings, get more traffic, leads and conversions.


The Product Launch Mastery [worth ₹4999]

In this program, you can learn how to create and launch your first ever information product and become an entrepreneur just like I did.

With this Digital Marketing Mastery Bundle Pro

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Sanjay Shenoy & Deepak Kanakaraju

Co-Founders, PixelTrack Digital

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